Hub USB 3.0 + PSU Logilink UA0307

The hub supports the modern USB 3.0 standard and allows you to connect up to 4 devices. Of course, you can also connect and use devices of older USB generations. This practical and noble-looking hub with its aluminum design is a real eye-catcher on each desk. Easy connection via Plug & Play. USB 3.0 transfer rates of up to 5 Gbps.

24,11 €
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Μοντέλο UA0307
Κατασκευαστής LOGILINK
Θύρες 4 x USB 3.0
Τροφοδοσία USB / 220V
Σύνδεση USB 3.0
Χρώμα Silver
Site κατασκευαστή
Εγγύηση 2 ΕΤΗ
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